Switch Hits

Back when I had a full head of hair and wore skinny jeans, rifles with easily removable barrels were known as "Takedown Guns."

First Look: Luth-AR Ambi-Switch Extended Safety/Selector

Luth-AR is back with a new Ambi-Switch Extended Safety/Selector switch to add truly ambidextrous controls to your AR.

First Look: PHLster ARC Weaponlight Switches

Designed to enhance the activation switches on today's popular SureFire weaponlights, the newly designed PHLster ARC switches enable shooters to more-effectively use their firearm-mounted illumination tools.

Barrett MRAD

With surprisingly low recoil, uncompromising accuracy and the ability to stay on target after barrel swaps, the Barrett MRAD redefines .338 Lapua Mag. precision and performance.

McMillan Introduces ALIAS Rifle Line

McMillan Group International is launching its new McMillan ALIAS rifle line.

Unity Tactical Offers TAPS Tactical Pressure Switch

Unity Tactical teamed up with TNVC to offer this single-point switch for lights and lasers.

First Look: Proof Research Switch Rifle

The Switch rifle from Proof Research is innovative for its ability to easily change calibers and configurations.

Templar Custom Multi-Caliber Weapons System

Swapping between three chamberings designed for the AR platform is a cinch with this innovative system.

MGI Marck 15 Hydra

Switching calibers on an AR-15 platform is no longer a Herculean task.

New Revolvers for 2022

The Revolver Renaissance is real, and it's spectacular. Gun owners of all skill levels are learning to appreciate the simplicity and durability of a good wheelgun.

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