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Firearm Training Tropes, Explained

Steve Tarani guides you through some of the firearm-training tropes out there to get to what you need to know.

Handgun Trigger Fundamentals

Steve Tarani breaks down the process for proper handgun-trigger fundamentals for accurate shooting.

Best Practices for Mitigating Threats

Personal-protection expert Steve Tarani offers tips on mitigating threats to minimize the force needed to counter them.

Speed and Accuracy in Shooting: An Illusion?

Steve Tarani makes the case to rethink what we know about speed and accuracy in shooting.

Effective Practice for Perishable Skills

Shooting skills are perishable if not practiced often. Steve Tarani offers tips on ways to practice to keep your shooting skills sharp.

Competitive versus Defensive Shooting: Which Is Better?

It's an age-old debate: Does taking part in competitive shooting help or hinder defensive shooting? Steve Tarani gives his take on the two sides.

Learning from Mistakes and Failures

We learn just as much, if not more, from our failures and mistakes than we do when we do everything right.

The Follow Through Fallacy

Steve Tarani explains how what happens when shooting a gun is radically different than making a shot in other sports.

Developing Good Shooting Habits

Consistency and repetition are the keys to building on-demand skills.

Recoil Control Consistency

Placing multiple hits on target, at speed means understanding how recoil control actually works.

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