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Achieving Zen - Strong Hand Drill

Mentioned in "The Zen of Shooting" is this strong-hand only drill.

Precision Pistol

Pre-program your shooting skills before each training session.

Near and Far

You may be able to swiftly get good hits as far away as 7 yards without forming a true sight picture. As the range increases, so will your need to use the sights on your handgun.

Lots of Dots

Print these targets to shoot the drill highlighted in the "Skills Check" department of Shooting Illustrated's November 2011 issue.

Two Plus Two

Speed loading, speed reloading or just plain getting the gun reloaded quickly is an essential skill for both competition and combat.

Talking Double

Some defensive handgunning terms require further explanation. Such is the case with the double tap, hammer and controlled pair.

The 250 Drill

Back in the dark ages when Jeff Cooper established the American Pistol Institute (API) at Gunsite Ranch, his initial course offering was API 250, a five-and-a-half day pistol class.

Change-Up Drill

Pistol shooters have a shared addiction: shooting quickly on steel targets. There's something about the bang and clang and instant gratification that keeps us hammering away at steel.

Why You Can Always Improve Your Shooting Skills

Spend some time moving your benchmark and you'll quickly realize you can always improve your shooting skills, no matter how proficient you've become.

Laser Ready

Firearm lasers are as thick as shoppers at Walmart on the first of the month.

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