Glock 17

Afoot in the Gobi desert, I doubt I would complain if someone rescued me in a Jeep rather than a Ferrari.

The Truth About Pistons

If 2009 was the year of the AR, this year is shaping up to be the year of the gas-piston operating system.

1911 Maintenance

While its nickname (Old Warhorse) speaks to the 1911's military service, as one of today's more popular concealed-carry pistols regular maintenance is needed for optimal reliability.

Walther SP22 M1 Gallery

The first thing to get your attention when you look at the Walther SP22 M1 will likely be the cocking levers on each side of the forward part of the slide/barrel housing. The housing will be the second thing that piques your interest.

Barrett REC7 Chambered in 5.56 NATO Gallery

This may be one of the most frustrating guns I’ve tested. Don’t get me wrong. There were no failures to feed, stoppages or malfunctions of any sort in more than 100 rounds, and the gun handles like a dream.

Para Moves South of the Border

Departing Canada for the much gun-friendlier climes of North Carolina, Para USA continues to refine the 1911.

Sig Sauer Adds Rainbow Titanium Finish to the P239

The company is now offering its popular Rainbow Titanium finish as an option on the P239 pistol.

IWI US, Inc. Introduces the Galil ACE Pistol for the US Market

IWI US introduces a new pistol based on the Galil for the US market.

European American Armory K2

An affordable price and a military pedigree make this handgun a good choice for home defense.

Wilson Combat Spec-Ops 9 Gallery

Wilson Combat Spec-Ops 9

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