Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Gallery

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical

Winchester Super X Pump Marine Defender

Stunning looks, unsurpassable durability and a stout action make this shotgun well-suited for defensive applications in any condition.

Benelli SuperNova

When it comes to choosing an all-around shotgun—one that will serve nicely for any task, in any condition, anywhere—my vote goes to the ubiquitous pump. Benelli gives a stellar example of just how versatile a pump-action shotgun can be with its SuperNova.

Adaptive Tactical Sidewinder Venom Shotgun Magazine Kit

Want to reload your pump-action shotgun faster? Adaptive Tactical lets you convert the tubular magazine to a removable box.

Review: Remington TAC-14

Looking for a good home-defense firearm? The new Remington TAC-14 might just be the fit you’re looking for.

SHOT Show 2018: Mossberg 590M Shotgun

The latest from Mossberg in 2018 is the company's new 590M pump-action shotgun, complete with a detachable double-stack magazine.

Escort Gladius Tactical Home Defense Shotguns

Legacy Sports International introduces the Escort Gladius line of home-defense shotguns.

FNH USA P-12 Shotgun

While many foreign shotgun manufacturers have exited the tactical market, FN makes a grand re-entrance with the P-12 pump-action.

Action, Take Two

When talking about shotguns for home defense, pump-action and semi-automatics rule the roost.Here’s a round-up of current semi-auto scatterguns.

Standard Manufacturing Co. LLC DP-12 Shotgun

Doesn’t every shotgun enthusiast want a double-barrel, pump-action shotgun?

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