PowerFilm Solar R7 Rollable Solar Panel

For power on the go, the PowerFilm Solar R7 rollable solar charger is a waterproof, affordable option for your small electronics or 12 volt battery.

Gimme Shelter

A terrorist attack, tornado or disabled vehicle could mean you're going nowhere soon. Do you have the gear and know-how to survive while remaining in place?

Pre-Combat Inspections

Go through these steps often, and you will be better prepared to face a threat.

Streamlight The Siege

Streamlight's new The Siege lantern is available as part of Brownells Emergency & Survival Gear series, and can really help when you need to shed light on things.

Taurus "First 24" Emergency Kit

Taurus unveiled their "First 24" series, containing emergency gear vital to surviving a disaster of any type.

The Cornered Cat: A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry

While the title may fool you into thinking this book is for women only, the wisdom contained inside is invaluable for everyone.

First Look: Streamlight Waypoint 300 Spotlight

Looking for a powerful, portable light to light up a large area or have on hand for emergencies? Streamlight's Waypoint 300 spotlight might just be the thing.


Planning for self-defense goes beyond owning a firearm and knowing how to use it.

Federal Fresh Fire .22LR Ammunition

Federal's new Fresh Fire packaging for bulk .22 LR is custom-made for long-term storage, keeping your ammo supply safe from water damage and corrosion.

CMMG Tactical Bacon

Your argument is invalid, because tactical bacon.

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