Mesa Tactical Announces New SureShell Carriers for Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

The highest-capacity stock shotgun not only can carry more ammo now, it looks even more devastating.

Kel-Tec CMR-30

Leave it to Kel-Tec to bring an exciting new carbine to market.

Buy a Car, Get an AK-47

Mark Muller, owner of Max Motors in Butler, MO, gained his 3 1/2-year-old company national notoriety in August 2008 when it gave away vouchers for a handgun with every vehicle sold that month. Sales went up 35 percent. This year's August promotion offered vouchers for an AK-47, generating a media frenzy that included this CNN interview where he gets the best of an anti-gun reporter.

Talon Grips

Looking for greater purchase on your polymer-frame handgun? Talon Grips has an alternative to skateboarding tape.

LongShot Manufacturing Rails for the Kel-Tec SUB2000 Gen1

If you've got the first generation of Kel-Tec's SUB2000, LongShot Manufacturing has Picatinny rails for it.

Kel-Tec CMR-30

Kel-Tec may have redefined what the personal-defense carbine can be.

Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Gen2

There’s a lot to like about this pistol-caliber carbine, not the least of which is the “Bondian” feel to a folding rifle.

Review: Kel-Tec CMR-30 Carbine

Kel-Tec may have redefined what the personal-defense carbine can be with its CMR-30.

Review: Kel-Tec CP33

Kel-Tec’s new CP33 provides serious onboard firepower.

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