.45 ACP +P DoubleTap 185-grain Nosler JHP

DoubleTap is the only ammunition company I know that loads Nosler pistol bullets.

First Look: Aguila 124-Grain JHP Ammunition

A new defensive round from a well-known ammo manufacturer.

.380 ACP Remington 88-grain JHP

How does this .380 ACP load perform through a short-barreled pocket gun?

.45 ACP ASYM Precision 230-grain Bonded Tactical JHP

Check out the performance of acclaimed pistolsmith Stan Chen's new tactical load for the gun that made him famous.

SIG Sauer Ammunition 185-grain .45 ACP JHP

SIG Sauer ammunition expands its product line to include different bullet weights.

French National Police Choose Speer Gold Dot

To avoid concerns with overpenetration, the French National Police announced a contract to supply officers with Speer Gold Dot ammunition.

Purpose-Built Defensive Ammo: Find It and Use It

Just because you've settled on one particular defensive load doesn't mean there aren't other useful rounds out there. Sheriff Jim shares a learning experience he had with a Mojave rattler.

Review: Super Vel .38 Special +P Ammunition

Brad Miller reviews Super Vel's .38 Special +P load, which features a 90-grain Sierra JHP bullet.

Review: IMI Ammunition

Theoretical accuracy is all well and good, but practical accuracy gets the job done. Take a look at how IMI Ammunition performs in our review.

First Look: SIG Sauer 365 Elite Performance Ammunition

Inspired by the company's micro-compact P365 pistol, SIG Sauer launched its 365 Elite Performance Ammunition designed specifically for sub-compact handguns.

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