NRA Tactical Stocking & Gift Set

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for a gun lover? Check out the tactical stocking and gift set from the NRA.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the firearm enthusiast in your life? We’ve got you covered.

Louisiana, Mississippi to Observe 2nd Amendment Tax Holiday This Weekend

Louisiana and Mississippi will observe 2nd Amendment tax holiday this weekend.

The Ultimate 2019 Tactical Holiday Gift Guide

Over the last year, Shooting Illustrated staffers have gotten ahold of some of this year's best gear to put together this ultimate holiday gift guide. Check out these great items and companies to find that perfect gift.

8 Range-Ready Holiday Gifts for Your Shooter

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your resident range junkie? Here are eight great range-ready gifts that'll amp up your enthusiast's shooting experience.

Holiday Security

I know most of you guys don't do Endurance Shopping (spending all day at the mall) during the holiday season, but your wives and other family members do.

Mississippi House Passes Second Amendment Tax Holiday Bill

Mississippi looks to join Louisiana by setting aside a weekend where sportsmen can purchase firearms, ammunition, bows and arrows, all-terrain vehicles and other sporting items without paying state sales tax.

Staying Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of cheer, but it's also a time to be aware. Sheriff Jim has some tips for staying on your toes this season.

Steiner Launches 2017 Holiday Promotions

If you're in the market for any of Steiner's optics, check out these two 2017 holiday promotions.

Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Must-Have Products for Everyday Carry

The most useful gifts given during the holidays are the ones that are used time and time again. Check out these 10 great items that are great for daily use and everyday carry.

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