Review: Heckler & Koch HK416 Rimfire

Whether for training or just an all-around cool rifle you can afford, HK’s rimfire 416 is worth a look.

Luxembourg Goes With Heckler & Koch

Will equip troops with HK416 A7 and HK416 A2 rifles as well as HK269 40mm grenade launchers.

Heckler & Koch MR556A1 Gallery

Heckler & Koch's MR556A1 is a version of the terrorist-quashing HK416 that you can own.

Germany to Finally Fully Field the HK416A8

Chambered in 5.56 NATO and employs a proprietary short-stroke gas piston operating system.

German Court Orders CR223 Rifles Destroyed

The court ruled that the moisture-drainage system in the CR223 infringes on HK's patent.

U.S. Marine Corps Chooses Leupold Riflescopes

Atop the Marine Corp's new M38 Squad-Designated Marksman Rifle is the Leupold TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T riflescope

Classic Guns: French FAMAS Bullpup Rifle

Long before the SA80, the F2000 or the Tavor, the French FAMAS brought the compactness of a bullpup to a major world power’s military.


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