Installing a Dust Cover

Though it may seem like the most inconsequential part of an AR upper, the dust cover can be difficult to install.

Installing an AR Fore-End

Getting this done right means everything will have to be level.

Building a Home-Defense AR Upper

Although it's not as tough to find a new AR for sale as it was a year ago, the carbines crowding the racks of your local gunshop may not have the features you want. One solution is to build an AR configured exactly to your liking.

Building a Lightweight AR-15

So you don't have unlimited funds but still want a lightened AR-15? Here's a build that sheds pounds without adding dollars.

Installing a Forward Assist

Installing a forward assist is a straightforward process.

Assembling the Bolt Carrier and Charging Handle

Putting these AR parts together, even from separate components is easy when you follow these steps.

Installing an AR-15 Barrel

Your torque wrench will earn its keep on this one.

Dreadnaught Industries Stripped Lower Receiver

A stout lower receiver is the foundation of an AR-15 build, and if the company making the lower has a sense of humor, all the better.

CMMG Lower Parts Kit, AR-15

CMMG has a unique AR-15 Lower Parts Kit package that color-codes the parts based on where they fit in the lower receiver.

First Look: ODIN Works AR-15 Billet Upper Receiver

This all-new upper receiver design from ODIN Works is a sleek choice for your next AR-15 build.

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