Skills Check: Shooting At Distance

One of the nation’s most-acclaimed trainers of defensive-firearms use has changed a drill to meet student’s needs, but don’t think for a moment that makes things any easier.

Live With It

The Sheriff has some advice for dealing with folks who appear uncomfortable with their firearms.

LaserLyte LT-PRE Laser Trainer

Looking to practice on the cheap? LaserLyte's laser insert may be just the thing.

Laser Ammo 's Advanced Professional Level Laser Training Pistol

A training tool to help build profound muscle memory and thwart bad habits.

Useful Shotgun Drills

Practice these simple drills to stay on top of your shotgunning game.

Self-Defense and Fitness

The following gear provides a practical means of keeping you fit and ready to defend yourself if or when the need arises.

Colorado Teachers Receive Firearms Training

Colorado school teachers attended a firearms-training course in order to carry a firearm onto school grounds.

Training While Injured

Knowing how to keep your skills sharp and do effective training while injured can reduce the time needed to get back up to speed.

Self Defense Starts with the Right Mindset

As Ed Head says, being able to adequately defend yourself begins with having the right mindset and expectations.

Selecting The Right Firearms Instructor

There are more and more firearms instructors out there. How do you chose the one that's right for you?

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