.40 S&W Winchester 180-grain PDX1

Winchester's Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 ammunition was chosen by the FBI as their primary service round. See how it performs in our testing.

Making Ordnance Gelatin

Anyone who relies on a firearm for personal protection should be interested in terminal ballistics.

As Gun Ownership Grows, Crime Drops

Data released by the FBI last week indicates a significant decrease in violent crime in U.S. urban areas, and pro-Second Amendment organizations were quick to point out the relationship between the rise in personal firearm ownership and the drop in gun-related violence.

NICS Checks Under Obama: 70.25 Million and Counting

Nearly twice as many background checks for firearm purchases during President Obama's first 51 months in office compared with his predecessor.

Winchester Ammunition Awarded FBI Sniper Contract

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has awarded Winchester Ammunition with a contract to provide .308 Win./7.62 NATO cartridges for its sniper teams.

November Monthly Gun Sales Third Highest on Record

The number of firearms sold across the United States in November that resulted in an FBI National Instant Criminal Check System (NICS) background check was the third highest on record for the month, according to an estimate by Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF).

Federal and Speer Awarded FBI Contracts

Federal Premium and Speer Ammunition were both recently awarded contracts with the FBI for four ammunition categories.

FBI Selects 3D-Printed Suppressors

HUXWRX Safety to provide equipment to the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team.

FBI Processes Record-Breaking Number of Background Checks

The FBI recently processed over 200,000 NICS background checks in one day, setting the all-time record.

Comfort and Comforting

Does your concealed-carry sidearm change as the weather gets warmer and concealment becomes more difficult? Smaller firearms might be easier to conceal, but are harder to shoot well and don't pack the same wallop.

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