Supporters of Texas Campus Carry Optimistic

Legislation to allow those with state-issued concealed handgun permits to carry firearms on state university and college campuses in Texas came up short in the last lawmaking session, but many supporters are optimistic a campus-carry law will be passed in the coming year.

Reciprocity for the Long Haul

A relatively small and obscure trade association often works in the shadow of many larger and better-known national groups to support important Second Amendment issues and to further the right of law-abiding Americans to carry firearms for personal protection.

Glock Model G43 Single Stack 9 mm

The wait is over for the single stack 9mm, check out the Glock G43 at the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Nashville, Tennessee.

SPG: Browning Concealed Carry Handbag Line

New for 2015, Signature Products Group (SPG) introduces the new line of Browning Concealed Carry Handbags and Wallets.

Walther PPS M2 Video

Here's a quick look at Walther's updated conceal-carry pistol.

Ruger Introduces Compact American Pistol

Ruger has expanded the American pistol line with two offerings in a compact size.

New for 2021: Kimber Aegis Elite Pro in 9 mm

Kimber's new Aegis Elite Pro handgun in 9 mm offers shooters an optics-ready configuration that features an all-steel slide and 4-inch barrel.

Interest in CCW Permits Continues

While the well-publicized upsurge in personal-protection firearms sales taking place during 2009 and most of 2010 has subsided slightly in recent months, there continues to be a significant nationwide expansion and liberalization of concealed-carry statutes as well as a growing interest by Americans to acquire permits to carry firearms.

Another Benefit of Concealed Carry

Teeth behind Heinlein's adage that an armed society is a polite society.

Versa Carry Handgun Concealment System

Have you ever seen a product or gadget a friend rigged up and thought, "Now why didn't I think of that?"

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