Should You Cerakote Your Firearm?

Cerakote gun finishes have become popular in recent years. We talked to the company to get a better idea of where it came from, how it works and why gun owners should consider it.

Daniel Defense Announces New Daniel Defense Tornado Finish

Daniel Defense has a new finish available for select products in their rifle line.

New addition to the Benelli M4 Line

How to make the Benelli M4 better? Easy. Offer it with a Cerakote finish.

The Citadel Cerakote M-1911 in Flat Dark Earth

New from Legacy Sports International, Inc., the FDE M-1911 adds color to Citadel's line.

Daniel Defense Offers Two New AR-15 Finishes

Daniel Defense now offers Tornado and Mil Spec Cerakote finishes for its DDM4V7 AR-15.

Citadel M-1911 Pistols with Cerakote Finish

The Citadel M-1911 from Legacy Sports International is now available with a Cerakote finish.

Benelli M4

There weren’t many things Benelli could do to improve the M4 Tactical Shotgun’s functionality, so it enhanced its value and appeal with Cerakote.

Kahr Arms CM9 in Cerakote Armor Black

Kahr Arms now offers a reliable 9mm or .45 ACP in a chalky finish.

1911 Finish Options

Don’t wait until your 1911 is finished before contemplating the right finish for your needs.

Top Gun Coating Options for Your Firearm

Firearms come in many different coatings, platings and treatments these days. Here’s a quick primer on some of the more-popular options for your firearm.

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