AR500 Steel Tumbler

Sharpen your shooting skills with a simple steel tumbler designed to rotate when hit.

At the Range: Viking Solutions Complete Target System

Want an affordable, easy-use piece of range steel to liven up your shooting experience? Check out the details behind the Viking Solutions Complete Target System here.

Champion Center Mass AR500 Steel Targets

Champion introduced a new line of AR500 steel target plates that are made in the USA.

First Shots: Big Horn Armory AR500 in .500 Auto Max

Chambered in the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world, Big Horn Armory's new AR500 pistol delivers a massive punch.

Viking Solutions Complete Target System

Viking Solutions has an inexpensive AR500 target system for consumers.

Action Target Unveils PT Gong Series

Action Target expanded its steel-target line to include its new PT Gong Series, along with the company's Last Stand system.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Silhouette Hostage Paddle Target

Want to hone your pistol-shooting skills? Check out the new Silhouette Hostage Paddle Target from Birchwood Casey.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Texas Star Plinking Target

Birchwood Casey is known for making targets and shooting support gear and now the company is rolling out the Texas Star Plinking Target, a new piece of range gear designed to make your training sessions both productive and exciting.

Review: Big Horn Armory AR500

The big-bore AR500 from Big Horn Armory packs a massive punch and sports eye- catching aesthetics.

Review: Champion AR-500 Steel Pop-Up Target

For a reusable, auto-reset target that provides hours of range fun and extra challenges, the AR-500 Steel Pop-Up Target from Champion is a must-have product.

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