Getting to Know Your AR

So what do you do with your new AR? Like any other multi-function tool, you simply get to know it. Intimately.

Building a Home-Defense AR Lower

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to build a custom, self-defense AR lower if you follow these step-by-step instructions.

TacTricks with Patrick Kelley: Mirror Image

Patrick Kelley covers his own back in this amazingly difficult feat of marksmanship.

TacTricks with Patrick Kelley: Upon Reflection

Hitting targets with an AR, offhand, at 200 and 300 yards is hard enough. Patrick Kelley does it backwards.

LWRCI IC-A5 Carbine Video

We take a quick look at the Golden Bullseye-winning LWRCI IC-A5 carbine.

Iain Harrison and his .50 BMG

Crimson Trace's Iain Harrison can shoot. We knew that. But did you know he's also quite the firearm-tinkerer?

Pest Control

Millions of feral hogs cause nearly half-a-billion dollars in damage in Texas. Here's a great way to help combat the scourge.

WATCH: AR-15 Quick-Cleaning Guide

You're all finished up shooting at the range with your AR-15. Before you leave, though, give your gun a quick cleaning and check for any potential issues.

First Shots: Springfield Armory Saint Victor Pistol in .308 Win.

As part of Springfield Armory’s Saint line of AR-based firearms, the new Saint Victor Pistol in .308 Win. offers large-frame power and is loaded with premium components.

Review: IWI Zion-15 Rifle

Eric Conn takes an in-depth look at IWI's newest introduction to the American market, the IWI Zion-15 chambered in 5.56 NATO.

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