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Want to Shoot Faster? Slow isn't Fast

If you are looking to add speed to your shooting ability, most people advise slowing down in practice. Here's a different take.

Eyeball Boresighting

Learn how to boresight your optic quickly without using a laser or collimator.

Five's a Crowd

Despite what the bean-counters say, we can still get (almost as good) averages with four-shot groups.

Tips for Glass-Bedding a Rifle

Glass-bedding a rifle is a great way to improve accuracy, but there are important tips to follow to ensure it gets done correctly.

Speed and Accuracy in Shooting: An Illusion?

Steve Tarani makes the case to rethink what we know about speed and accuracy in shooting.

AR Accuracy with 7.62x39 mm

While you might not associate the AK-47's cartridge with accuracy, out of an AR-15 the 7.62x39 mm can produce tiny groups. Could the Russian mainstay be the best .30-caliber option for America's rifle?

Accuracy X Launches Innovative 1911 Multi-Sight System

The Multi-Sight System from Accuracy X allows 1911 shooters to use multiple sighting options on the same gun.

Recoil Control Consistency

Placing multiple hits on target, at speed means understanding how recoil control actually works.

Review: Accuracy International AX50 .50 BMG Rifle

The precise, powerful punch of Accuracy International’s AX50 .50 BMG rifle requires no interpretation.

Rifle Accuracy: Practical vs. Precision Shooting

Most rifles can be shot accurately, but not all methods result in truly accurate shooting. Here are some of the differences between shooting practically and shooting for precision.

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