Brownells Magna-Tip Adjustable Torque Wrench

Applying exactly the right torque to a scope ring or other precision instrument is easy when you have the right tools.

Travel Tip: Look Inside Your Bags Before TSA Does

Number of firearms confiscated at airports rises to all-time high.

On Training

Getting quality training on how to best survive a violent encounter is an excellent use of a shooter's time and budget.

Where's The Gun?

Consistency may be the hobgoblin of small minds, but it is also good for ensuring what you need will be where you expect it to be at all times.

Speak Up

Rather than silently curse poor gun-handling, take a moment to politely correct the person responsible. Safety never takes a holiday, and it's possible they just don't know better.

First Look: RamRodz 5.56 NATO Barrel and Breech Cleaners

Purpose-built for cleaning the hard-to-reach breech and barrels in 5.56 NATO AR-15, the latest product from RamRodz is a must-have in any cleaning kit.

Shedding Some Light On The Subject

Incorporating a small flashlight for auxiliary lighting in low-light conditions can be quite beneficial for a whole host of reasons.

If It Ain't Broke...

It may take a little trial-and-error, but finding the handgun that best suits your needs is a worthwhile endeavor, whether it's the latest polymer wunderkind or a design dating back a century.

Extra Defensive Gear

What do a charged phone, a sharp knife and a bright light have in common? They're all items that should be part of your EDC gear.

Clearing Handgun Malfunctions

A quick, corrective response will get you back on target fast should your semi-automatic handgun fail to fire.

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