Winchester Train & Defend .380 ACP

Winchester's Train & Defend series of ammunition is specifically engineered to provide identical performance whether using a jacketed hollowpoint defensive round or a full metal jacket.

First Look: LaserLyte Steel Tyme Kit

Maintain essential defensive-shooting skills from home with the LaserLyte Trainer Target Steel Tyme Kit.

How to Train with a Shot Timer

Whether or not you've got ammunition or want to shoot it, having a shot timer in your training repertoire can improve your defensive shooting skills.

First Look: MDT Shot Timer

A modern take on an essential training tool.

There IS a Timer in a Gunfight

Your target measures your accuracy. The shot timer measures your speed.

First Look: Federal Premium Train & Protect Ammo

Designed to be an affordable personal-protection option, Federal Premium announced the launch of its Train & Protect ammo line.

Personal-Defense Partners: Working Together for Survival

Working with a partner can greatly increase your odds of surviving a criminal attack.

First Look: Federal Premium Ammunition New Train + Protect Loads

Federal Premium Ammunition is producing Train + Protect loads using 85-grain .380 ACP ammo, 125-grain .357 Mag. ammo and 158-grain .38 Spl. rounds.


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