SIG Ammo .38 Super 125-Grain FMJ

Fans of the .38 Super round now have another choice for fodder.

SIG Sauer Ammunition .357 Mag. 125-Grain V-Crown

For fans of the potent wheelgun, there's more fodder available from SIG Sauer.

U.S. Army Selects SIG Sauer Advanced Sniper Rifle Ammunition

SIG Sauer will supply .300 Norma Mag ammunition to the military in two distinct bullet types.

SIG Sauer Ammunition 185-grain .45 ACP JHP

SIG Sauer ammunition expands its product line to include different bullet weights.

SIG Ammo .38 Spl. 125-Grain FMJ Ammunition

Fans of the .38 Spl. wheelgun just got another ammunition option.

SIG Sauer Expands Facility to Increase Ammo Production

SIG Sauer recently freed an additional 20,000 square feet of space for cartridge manufacturing at its Jacksonville, AR, plant by shifting storage, shipping and receiving operations to office space nearby.


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