Welcoming a New Field Editor

New Field Editor Martin K.A. Morgan's first column appears in the January 2015 issue.

The Twilight Years of the Mighty Uzi Submachine Gun

Even in its twilight years, the Uzi was still a force to be reckoned with.

The Uzi Submachine Gun: Compact Cold-War-Era Firepower

In the later years of the Cold War, as more compact designs started emerging on the market, the Uzi submachine gun still held its own as a source of compact firepower.

Classic Guns: The Polish wz.29

Eighty years ago, Poland faced the Nazi onslaught with an eclectic mix of firearms. One of the standouts in the country's arsenal was the wz.29.

The FM FAP–Argentina’s Copy of the FN FAL

Perhaps the most iconic rifle of the Cold War (after the AK-47), the FAL was manufactured in a number of West-leaning countries and saw extensive service.

The Gallipoli Gun

A self-firing SMLE? It must be Gallipoli.

The Smith & Wesson Model 1940 Light Rifle

Although many small arms were destined to see action in the hands of Allied soldiers during World War II, not all made the cut.

Classics: The Bushmaster Arm Pistol

Think AR-15-style pistols are a new innovation? Guess again.

Classics: The M41 Carcano Rifle

Changing its military rifle during wartime was a mistake for Italy, but that doesn't take away from the impressive qualities of the M41 Carcano rifle.

Classics: M60 General-Purpose Machine Gun

Most belt-fed machine guns are iconic, but none have been as dramatically featured as the “portable” M60 machine gun.

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