Hexmag HX30 Testing

There's a new polymer magazine in town, but does it work? We run a quick, informal test and see.

How Many Magazines Should You Have?

If you’ve recently joined the firearm-owning community, chances are good the gun you bought is fed by a removable magazine. How many should you have?

Volquartsen's Spring-Loaded Magazine Ejector for the Ruger 22/45

Our Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector for the Ruger 22/45 will improve the "mag drop" of the factory magazine.

Brownells 5- and 10-Round AR-15/M16 Magazines

Brownells offers 5- and 10-round magazines for your AR, whether for hunting, target or other reasons you might want less than full capacity.

AR15 / M4, PMAG Range BenchLoader

Maglula offers a new speedloader for AR-15-style magazines that promises to load a 30-round magazine in seconds.

Caldwell Introduces the AK-47 Mag Charger

Load your AK-47-pattern magazines with ease with the new mag charger from Caldwell.

Command Arms Accessories CD AR-15 Magazines

Wondering how much fodder is left in your magazine? CAA has a countdown indicator built into its AR-15 magazines.

Magpul Sand PMag Gen M3

Magpul's Gen3 PMags now come in a lighter color, called "Sand," for increased variety in how we feed our rifles.

Hexmag Introduces Series 2 AR Magazines

Hexmag made a number of improvements to its polymer AR mags and launched the Series 2.

I Carry: Nighthawk Custom Thunder Ranch Combat Special in a Milt Sparks Holster

Today's "I Carry" episode features a Nighthawk Custom Thunder Ranch Combat Special in a Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 Holster along with other EDC gear.

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