Sheriff Jim Wilson

In Defense of A Third Party

Should you intervene in a third-party dispute? Here's Sheriff Jim's take...

Should You Modify Your Defense Gun?

Is modifying your defensive firearm a good idea? Sheriff Jim weighs in.

Stay Aware

Of all the skills that are critical to a successful defensive plan, awareness is one of the most important.

Check Your Ammo

To ensure your defensive ammunition will safely fire, you should regularly change and check it.

A Carry Pistol

There's something to be said about being comfortable with the firearm you rely upon for your daily carry.

The One That Got Away

Most of us have stories about "the one that got away," the one gun that we got rid of that we really wish we hadn't.

Double-Action Revolvers? Why Not?

There's a lot to be said for the simplicity of a wheelgun.

You Look, But Do You See?

There's a difference between the two, but not everyone is aware of the distinction.

Extra Ammo

The only time you have too much ammo is when you have to move it all.

Book Recommendations for the Defensive Shooter

Sheriff Jim discusses several recent books that cover self-defense tactics.

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