Veteran, Avid Shooter’s Wake is a Blast

A U.S. Army veteran from Utah was honored by his family last week when nearly 100 of his friends gathered to send his remains into the air—along with some gunpowder—at a shooting range where he spent hundreds of enjoyable hours during his life.

California School District Approves Arming Faculty Members

During its regular session this week, the Kingsburg (CA) Joint Union High School board unanimously approved a new district policy that will designate up to five staff and faculty members who will be allowed carry concealed firearms on campus while classes are in session.

Historic Rifle Fetches Record $1.265 Million at Auction

A Model 1886 Winchester rifle presented to the U.S. Calvary Captain who captured Geronimo has become the most expensive single firearm ever sold at auction, after fetching $1.265 million at a recent sale in Illinois.

New Suppressor Registration Nears 1 Million in Past Year

The recent passage of legislation permitting the ownership of firearm suppressors in three states, as well as the expansion of silencer use by hunters, resulted in a substantial increase in the number of such devices registered by the ATF, according to data released by the agency this week.

Illinois Shooting Facility Becomes Pawn in Budget Battle

The World Shooting and Recreational Complex, located in Sparta, IL, and home to numerous national and regional shooting sports events, has been ordered closed to the public as of Oct. 1, the most recent victim of a partisan budget standoff in the state capital.

Gun-Rights Initiative Approved by Coos County, OR, Voters

Voters in Coos County, OR, this week overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure that sought to prohibit enforcement of restrictive partisan firearms legislation recently enacted in Oregon.

CMP Online Auction Great Source for Vintage Firearms, Parts

Most firearms enthusiasts familiar with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) associate the organization with its rifles.

Missouri Sheriffs Drop Price of Carry Permits by One-Third

In an effort to encourage citizens to arm and defend themselves in the aftermath of recent mass shootings and terrorist-related activities in the U.S., Paris and elsewhere, sheriffs in three Missouri counties this week announced they were lowering the cost of applying for concealed carry permits in The Show-Me State.

Navy Chaplain Corps: Quietly Serving for 240 Years

Though highly specialized in its mission, a branch of the military comprised of more than 1,000 men and women rarely receives the attention of special fighting forces like the Navy SEALs or Marine Corps snipers, although it quietly and faithfully serves beside those in the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard at home and abroad.

California Instructor Offers Free Firearms Training to Clergy

A Placerville, CA firearms instructor and gun range owner is offering free training to clergy members and church personnel in an effort to help bolster confidence and security among those in the religious community.

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