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Southern California County's Spike in Concealed-Weapons Permits Continues

After the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found California's concealed-carry law to be unconstitutional, some areas of the state have seen dramatic increases in the number of permit applications.

Nebraska School Board OKs Firearms in Senior Portraits

Seniors at a Nebraska high school were told yearbook pictures including hunting or sporting firearms would be allowed.

California Gun Dealers Challenge Law Banning Window Displays

A California law banning the display of firearms in gun store windows is having its day in court.

Washington Voter Initiative Already a Disruption for Status Quo

It didn't take long for the negative consequences of Washington state's new voter initiative to become apparent.

Texas Lawmaker Files 'Pop-Tart Gun' Bill

Proving that common sense isn't necessarily common, a recent spate of bills have been filed to ease "zero tolerance" restrictions on child's play.

Anti-Gun Group Secures Required Signatures for Ballot Initiative

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Anti-gun groups in Nevada have submitted a bill similar to that passed in Washington state to restrict firearm transfers.

Bloomberg Group Funds 'Gun Reporting' Workshop for Journalists

While we all want better, more concise and accurate reporting, the manner in which reporters are "educated" on firearms is suspect given the source.

Report: Women Fastest-Growing Segment of Shooting Sports

More and more women are getting into the shooting sports and hunting, and this growing new segment is buying guns, taking classes and gearing up at a record-setting pace.

Permitless Carry Becomes Law in Kansas

Kansas joins a growing number of states that do not require residents to obtain permits in order to carry a concealed firearm.

Tennessee Enacts Pro-Gun Laws

Gun owners and concealed-carry permit holders of the Volunteer State just got some good news.

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