The Expert's Guide to Buying Suppressors

When shopping for a sound suppressor, there are many choices and perhaps compromises to be made.

Alternate Sources for Ammo

With ammunition being in extremely short supply these days, I have resorted to sourcing ammo anywhere I can.

Understanding Transfer Bars

This is a Ruger GP100, which states in its manual that, thanks to the presence of its transfer bar, you can carry six rounds in its cylinder without worry of an unintended discharge.

The Fix: Blank Canvas

You are a bullseye-pistol competitor poised to break into the NRA Expert Class, but the other day your target looked like you had shot it with a few rounds of buckshot.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

You’re not new to shooting and have been to a number of classes in an effort to improve your marksmanship overall and your proficiency with a handgun, in competition and self-defense, in particular.

How To Fix Shooting Low

What do you do when shots keep hitting well-below your aiming point?

Clearing Handgun Malfunctions

While at the range the other day I had a pistol malfunction that would have become a disaster had it not been for an attentive range officer behind me screaming repeatedly for me to cease fire.

Get More Training

Owning and carrying a defensive firearm should bring with it a continuing thirst for knowledge and training.

Should You Clean Your .22 LR?

Contrary to what some believe, all .22 LR firearms need more maintenance than occasional lubrication.

Troubleshooting a Red-Dot Scope

In this Tech Wisdom column, George Harris talks about the quality of a red-dot scope. Here's how you can ensure your red dot is trouble-free.

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