Last-Minute 1911 Fixes

Having successfully made the journey from a box of parts to an actual-firing 1911 with near total reliability, only a handful of aspects need be ironed out before sending the pistol off for its final finish.

Should You Clean Your .22 LR?

Contrary to what some believe, all .22 LR firearms need more maintenance than occasional lubrication.

Preventing Firearms from Rusting

It is said that politicians and rust are a firearm’s only natural enemies. We have the NRA to help with the former, here’s how you can stave off the latter.

Rust-Prevention Tips for Your Guns

It is said that politicians and rust are a firearm’s only natural enemies. We have the NRA to help with the former. Here’s how you can stave off the latter.

Tech Wisdom: Hittin’ and Missin’

While instructing several students how to operate an AR-15-style rifle, it failed to fire several times when the trigger was pulled.

How to Solve Ejection Problems with a 1911

What do you do when a 1911 is ejecting brass directly in your face? George Harris walks you through solutions.

What's the Advantage to Dry Lubricants for Firearms?

The other day I went out and shot up all the defensive ammo I’ve been carrying in my EDC rig for the past 12-plus months, then sat down for a good in-depth cleaning of the pistol and magazines before loading new ammo.

How to Use Automotive Products for Firearm Maintenance

I just turned 21 and I am in the process of buying my first handgun. Although I am just getting started with pistols and revolvers, I am pretty mechanically inclined, which I learned by working on automobiles and automotive machinery.

This Mustang Won’t Run

Many years ago, when I was a beat cop, I carried a Colt Mustang .380 ACP as my backup gun every day. A while back, when I was practicing at the range with this same gun, I noticed that once the pistol had a few rounds through it, the trigger got increasingly harder to pull and finally failed to fire at all after several magazines were run through it. Not Good!

Gun Cleaning Tips & Tools from the Experts

Cleaning firearms is not at the top of the list of fun things to do, but do it we must. However, there are some useful tips and products that help make this tedious task somewhat less irritating.

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