First Look: Ed Brown Special Forces SR Commander Pistol

Ed Brown launched a new pistol in its Special Forces SR pistol lineup in the popular Commander size.

New for 2019: Ed Brown SOCOM Edition 1911

Built to honor the men and women serving in the United States Special Operations Command, the Ed Brown SOCOM Edition 1911 is packed with special touches and features.

Ed Brown Introduces Compact 1911 Pistol

The latest 1911 pistol design out from Ed Brown is aimed specifically at the compact-carry market.

First Look: Ed Brown LS10 1911 Pistol

The latest pistol from Ed Brown pairs up the long-slide 1911 platform with the powerful 10 mm cartridge.

First Look: Ed Brown Hardcore 1911 Magwell

The new one-piece Hardcore Magwell from Ed Brown is loaded with high-end features designed to enhance the capabilities of any 1911.

First Look: Ed Brown FX1 1911

Ed Brown, known for its high-end, traditional 1911 pistols, raised the bar with the launch of its innovative FX1 1911 pistol.

New for 2018: Ed Brown ZEV 1911 Pistol

Ed Brown and Zev Technologies, two companies with radically different product lines, partnered up in 2018 to produce the new Ed Brown ZEV 1911 pistol.

Ed Brown Announces Magazine Exchange Program

Tired of your old and worn out 1911 magazine? Ed Brown recently announced its Magazine Exchange Program, which allows you to swap out magazines at a great price.

First Look: Ed Brown MP-F4 Pistol

Ed Brown, long known for its custom 1911s, added the Smith & Wesson M&P to the list of pistols of which it offers upgraded versions. The latest is the MP-F4.

I Carry: Ed Brown Fueled M&P Pistol in a Mission First Tactical Holster

Today's "I Carry" episode features a cool Ed Brown “Fueled” M&P in a Mission First Tactical holster and a CRKT knife.

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