.380 ACP Buffalo Bore 90-grain JHP

Buffalo Bore ammunition built its fine reputation on loading what it calls "heavy" loads for big-bore cartridges.

.380 ACP +P Buffalo Bore 90-grain JHP

Buffalo Bore has a reputation for building quality ammunition that delivers in terms of accuracy and terminal performance.

.327 Fed. Mag. Buffalo Bore 100-grain JHP

The .327 Fed. Mag. is a cartridge worthy of respect, as these tests demonstrate.

.38 Spl. Buffalo Bore 158-grain +P Outdoorsman

Never doubt the penetration potential of a hard-cast bullet.

.380 ACP +P Buffalo Bore 100-grain Hard-Cast

Looking for a powerful .380 ACP load for your concealed-carry semi-auto? Here's one.

.32 H&R Mag. Buffalo Bore Heavy 100-grain JHP

This .32 H&R Mag. load penetrates farther than any previously tested offering in that caliber.

.357 Mag. Buffalo Barnes 125-grain Barnes XPB Lead Free Tactical Low Flash Short Barrel

This load combines the power for which Buffalo Bore is known with a devastating bullet from Barnes, all designed for use from short-barreled revolvers.

.32 H&R Mag. +P Buffalo Bore 130-grain Hard Cast

Looking for some power out of a smaller revolver? This load might surprise you.

Buffalo Bore Ammunition

Superior terminal performance is Buffalo Bore's mission, and the company's loads prove it.

9 mm +P Buffalo Bore 95-grain Barnes TAC-XP

Who said lightweight bullets could not deliver superlative terminal performance?

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