Enter the Aguila Ammunition Lucky Shooter Sweepstakes

Aguila Ammunition is offering its Lucky Shooter Sweepstakes with an impressive prize package.

Shooting South of the Border: Copa Aguila 2017

The 2017 Copa Aguila shooting competition shows that responsible firearms culture is alive and well south of the border.

First Look: Aguila 124-Grain JHP Ammunition

A new defensive round from a well-known ammo manufacturer.

Reduced Recoil Shotgun Loads

Reduced-recoil loads offer softer shooting—fostering more practice—which we can all agree is a good thing.

First Look: Aguila Ammunition 5.56 NATO Bulk Pack

Aguila Ammunition is offering more for less in the form of its 5.56 NATO Bulk Pack. The new packaging crams 300 rounds into a single package.


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