Taurus Judge

But it turns out the Judge may be even better suited to the mean streets than it is to the rough trail. Particularly when firing .410 shotshells loaded with 000 buckshot, the Judge packs a decisive wallop at close-quarters distances to end trouble.

Smith & Wesson Governor Gallery

Smith & Wesson Governor

'Snake Charmers:' Best Guns for Dealing With Snakes

What is a "snake charmer" and what kind of characteristics are needed in one? Here's Bart Skelton with a few more nuggets of wisdom for dealing with snakes.

New for 2018: Mossberg Shockwave in .410 Bore

Mossberg expanded its Shockwave models in 2018 with the launch of a new version chambered in .410 bore.

I Carry: Bond Arms Rowdy Derringer in a BAP Pocket Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at using a Bond Arms Rowdy derringer in a pocket holster, along with other essential EDC gear.

New for 2020: Hatsan Escort BTS 410

One of the more interesting guns on the entire Shot Show floor was the BTS 410 from Escort.

First Look: American Tactical Shotgun Ammo

American Tactical Imports, known for its line of affordable shotguns, introduced its new shotgun ammo line to pair up with the company's guns.

New for 2019: American Tactical Nomad Shotgun Series

Made in Turkey and priced inexpensively, American Tactical offers its Nomad series of shotguns for firearm fans on a budget.

New for 2019: IFC .410 Bore AR-15 Upper Receiver

Have a standard AR-15 lower receiver? Turn it into a semi-automatic .410-bore shotgun with this upper receiver from IFC.

New for 2019: Rossi Tuffy Shotgun

Built as an inexpensive, lightweight, single-shot option for a range of potential uses, the Rossi Tuffy shotgun is a new option for budget-minded shotgunners to examine.

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