Sheriff Jim Wilson

In Defense of A Third Party

Should you intervene in a third-party dispute? Here's Sheriff Jim's take...

Perfect Practice

Improving your shooting starts with understanding that you have room to improvement.

Stopping the Attack

Sheriff Jim reminds us that stopping an attacker as soon as possible is critical to surviving a criminal encounter.

Create a Diversion

Buy yourself time with a diversion in a criminal attack.

Keeping It In Perspective

Sheriff Jim urges us to work on getting better with the gear we have, rather than looking for the next big thing.

Watch That Front Sight

In a dynamic incident, seconds count, which is why Sheriff Jim urges you to practice getting that front sight fast.

Why Bullet Placement Matters

Sheriff Jim reminds us that bullet placement is of utmost importance in a life-or-death scenario.

Amazing Powers of Observation

There's a difference between looking and seeing--one has to do with letting light into the eyes, the other has to do with actually observing what is going on around you.

Stay Aware

Of all the skills that are critical to a successful defensive plan, awareness is one of the most important.

Check Your Ammo

To ensure your defensive ammunition will safely fire, you should regularly change and check it.

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