First Look: Streamlight TLR-7 Sub Weapon-Mounted Light

Streamlight recently introduced the TLR-7 Sub, a weapon-mounted tactical light with an ergonomic on/off position rear switch.

6 Great Hammer-Fired DA/SA Handguns on the Market Today

It's a striker-fired world out there, but the DA/SA still has a valuable place in the shooting world. Here's a look at six of the best DA/SA handguns on the market today.

Six Great Midsize Pistols

Yes, we know the Glock G19 is the archetypal compact handgun. Here's a half-dozen other great choices for midsize pistols.

New for 2020: Springfield Armory Hellcat

With the introduction of the Hellcat, the bar has again been raised for miniature concealed-carry guns: the Hellcat ships with a flush-fit 11-round magazine and an extended 13-round magazine.

New for 2019: Langdon Tactical XD-E

Building on the success of the Springfield Armory XD-E, Langdon Tactical enhanced certain elements of the design, providing DA/SA fans with an improved pistol for concealed carry.

New for 2019: Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8

Splitting the difference between the XD-E 3.3 and 4.5, the Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8 is a compromise between concealment and the enhanced elements available on longer barrels.

New for 2019: Springfield Armory XD-E 4.5

Now with a lengthened slide, Springfield Armory fans can take advantage of a longer sight radius and increased muzzle velocity with the new XD-E 4.5-inch barrel.

Hands-on With Altamont Handgun Grips

Looking to upgrade the grips on your handgun? Altamont offers a range of options for many of today's popular pistols.

Range Review: Springfield Armory XD-E in .45 ACP

Though not as celebrated as the company's 9 mm model, the Springfield Armory XD-E in .45 ACP offers big-bore fans a solid concealed-carry gun with the less-common DA/SA operation.

63 Brand-New Handguns Released in 2018

Handgun manufacturers stepped it up in 2018, flooding the market with a host of new options, from 1911s to revolvers to today's latest concealed-carry guns. See which of these belong in your collection.

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