Review: SureFire MasterFire Rapid-Deploy Holster

Developed for use with SureFire's X300 and X400 weaponlights, the MasterFire Rapid-Deploy holster allows for instant-on use with nearly any duty handgun.

SureFire Releases X400 Ultra WeaponLight with Green-Laser Sight

SureFire has recently updated the company's X400 weaponlight to include a green laser along with a 500 lumen white light.

Smith & Wesson VTACs

When first introduced to the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol a few years back, I knew immediately the ergonomics for wide-body handguns had changed dramatically. Photo by John Doukas

Ruger 22/45 Threaded Barrel

Ruger's latest .22 LR pistol borrows from it's new 1911. It's also ready, and itching, for a suppressor.

Multiple Handguns for Multiple Missions

It's not cheating if, while you hold one close, you're thinking about the other—pistol, that is.


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