Evolution of Defensive Tactics

In the defensive-equipment realm, we really have come a long way, baby.

3 Must-Have Elements of Personal Defense

Finding the right gear is important, but defensive shooters need to keep several critical elements in mind, as Sheriff Jim explains.

'My Way or the Highway:' The Wrong Way to Teach & Train

Instructors who insist on one way of doing things or students who refuse to learn do nobody any favors, says Sheriff Jim. Here's how to approach training.

Pistol Red Dots: Making the Most of a Slide-Mounted Optic

Pistols with red-dot sights are all the rage, but many shooters have specific difficulties resulting from years of practice with iron sights. Here are some ways to fix those problems and make the most of this relatively new, versatile optic for your handgun.

Benefits of Shooting From Downed Positions

Much of the practice people receive today with their concealed-carry gun involves standing up and facing the target. Bart Skelton talks about the benefit of shooting from these different positions.

Col. Jeff Cooper's Modern Technique of the Pistol

Through the 1960s and into the 1970s, Col. Jeff Cooper began to develop a discipline for the fighting pistol that came to be called The Modern Technique of the Pistol.

Gunnie Arguments that Make No Sense

This is *not* what it sounds like when doves cry...

Happy Birthday Gunsite!

The Gunsite Academy, in Paulden, AZ, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Top Five Shooting Stances

No handgun stance is perfect for every individual or situation, but here are five that will cover just about anything a shooter is likely to face.

Shooting With Corrective Lenses

We all know we must wear eye protection at the range, but when your vision begins to fail, what’s the best way to keep your eyes safe and still see the sights?

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