Review: Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide Dry Lubricant Products

Cleaning a firearm and keeping it lubricated doesn't have to be an onerous task, thanks to products like Sentry Solutions' Tuf-Glide dry lubricant products.

First Look: Sentry Products Group Tuf Cloth

It takes a Tuf-Cloth to make gun care easier.

Gun Lube: How Much Is Too Much?

A book could be written about firearms lubrication with all of the facts and fiction concerning the subject. Here, we address the common question of lubing up your concealed-carry pistol.

Sentry Solutions Introduces Armorer's Kit Deluxe

Sentry Solutions, the leading maker of oil-free lubricants and protectants for firearms, tactical and outdoor sporting gear introduces the Armorer's Kit Deluxe.

Sentry Solutions' Hi-Slip Grease and TUF-CLOTH

Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Grease and TUF-CLOTH are now available in easy-twist, heavy-duty, mini-jars keeping the popular firearms lubricants and protectants airtight and convenient whether stored on your retail shelf, work bench or in your range bag.


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