Product Review: Lockdown Puck

This compact security monitoring system is amazingly versatile and a great addition to any home, office or anything you want to keep secure.

Why I Made Firearm Practice My New Year's Resolution

All it took was a quick trip to the range for Sheriff Jim to form his New Year's Resolution for 2020. Read why here.

5 Training Tips for a Personal-Defense Rifle

Sheriff Jim covers some of the important necessities when using a rifle for defensive purposes.

Dummy Rounds: Safe & Effective Training Tools

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot by using inert dummy rounds in your regular training routine. Here are some training tips.

Shooting Left of Center: Training Tips to Get on Target

Are your groups consistently hitting left of the bullseye? See these training tips to move your groups to the center.

Guard Dogs for Home Protection: 4 Important Training Tips

In addition to a firearm, canine security devices can make your home and your family much safer. But, as with guns, proper training is key.

Training Tips for the DA/SA Semi-Automatic Handgun

One of the more-vexing problems for those who shoot the DA/SA semi-automatic handguns is the transition from the heavier double-action pull to the lighter single-action variant—but it can be overcome.

Snub-Nose Training Tips

Snub-nose revolvers are popular concealed-carry firearms, but they are notoriously difficult to shoot accurately. Here are some ways to improve your snubby techniques for self-defense.


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