Why the Purpose of a Fight is to Win

In a fight, there is no substitute for victory.

Why You Should Trust Your Gut With Personal Defense

While not every gut feeling leads to a dangerous personal defense situation in which we have to use force, we shouldn't ignore our instincts about potentially hazardous circumstances.

Evolution of Defensive Tactics

In the defensive-equipment realm, we really have come a long way, baby.

5 Best Fighting Handguns Ever Made

What makes a handgun particularly good for personal defense? Richard Mann takes a look at the 5 best fighting handguns ever made.

Trends & Self-Defense Training: Choose What Works for You

Everything that’s old is new again, or something like that. Don’t let trends influence your training regimen.

Fightin' Iron: Building a Utilitarian 'Trail' Rifle

Call it what you will, a bolt gun that’s purpose-built and equally badass can go by many names...sort of. Here's a Scout-esque take on a back-country rifle built by Wiley Clapp: the Trail Rifle.

Firearm Familiarity: Building Confidence in Your CCW Gun

If you know your concealed-carry gun, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles, says Sheriff Wilson, channeling Sun Tzu.

Appendix Carry: What's It All About?

Appendix carry is growing more popular as a preferred concealed-carry position. What are the pros and cons behind this method? See how it can help.

How a Black-Powder Revolver Saved My Life

A hair-raising encounter on the banks of the Missouri River in the early 1990s demonstrated the effectiveness of having a self-defense tool, even if it's just a black-powder revolver.

Safe Handgun Holstering: Tips, Techniques and Trivia

The vast majority of unintentionally loud instances involving firearms and handgun holstering can be avoided through judicious training and practice.

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