The Price of Security is Eternal Vigilance

We all know the quote, often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, that "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," but it is also quite applicable to your personal security.

5 Great Household Handgun-Concealment Products

While secured storage is always preferred for unattended firearms, here are some products that will keep a defensive handgun close by, but hidden from prying eyes.

Review: Tactical Walls 1450 Concealment Mirror

The veteran-owned company that pioneered “Hidden in Plain Sight” firearm-storage products and resemble finely crafted furniture brings even more versatility to consumers by expanding its line of concealment mirrors.

Safe Shotgun Storage: Common, Custom & Commercial Options

There are plenty of ways to make sure your shotgun is safely stowed, yet close at hand.

SHOT Show 2019: Day Three Editor's Picks

SI staff hit the floor for a third day of SHOT Show floor touring, and we saw a few products worth checking out! See all five new options here.

Holiday Gifts for the Gun Enthusiast: 15 Options From $25-35.99

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the firearm fan in your life? Take a look at these 15 affordable options here.

5 Product Highlights from the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings

There were countless guns and gear on the exhibit-hall floor at the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. Here are five stand-out products seen by our editors.

Burglar-Proof: Tips & Tactics for Home Security

Many people drop their guard at home, opening up a number of weaknesses that burglar and criminals can exploit. Here are a few tips and tactics to secure your home.

Review: Tactical Walls Concealment Night Table

Looking for a good way to secure your home-defense gun while still allowing it to be easily accessible? Check out the Tactical Walls Concealment Night Table.

Review: Tactical Walls Concealment Shelf

Looking to keep a defensive handgun in a safe place nearby? Why not hide it in the Tactical Walls Concealment Shelf?

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