Range Review: Ashbury Precision Ordnance M700 Saber

A reasonably priced, long-range rig that shoots well below MOA? Check out our experience with the Ashbury Precision Ordnance M700 Saber precision rifle.

First Look: Wilson Combat 300 HAM'R

Expanding the world of .30-caliber cartridges is Wilson Combat, with its new-for-2018 300 HAM'R round.

42 All-New Rifles for 2018

In a year that was expected to be marked by a glut of ARs, gun manufacturers rose to the challenge of creating new and innovative rifles to excite a customer base that seemingly had seen it all.

40 New Tactical Rifles for 2018

This year, gun manufacturers stepped up efforts to provide innovative tactical rifles to consumers, ranging from long-range precision platforms to modern sporting guns. Check out these new models here.

20 New AR-Style Rifles for 2018

Even with a market overwhelmed by AR-15s and other AR-style rifles, manufacturers still managed to introduce a number of novel rifle designs to consumers, bolstered by new technology and cartridges.

Review: Wilson Combat .458 HAM’R Tactical Hunter

Wilson Combat’s newest offering breathes new life into the big-bore semi-automatic rifle with a new .458 HAM'R chambering and a hybrid Tactical Hunter AR that’s ideal for home defense and hog control.

First Look: Wilson Combat .458 HAM'R Tactical Hunter

Chambered in the exclusive .458 HAM'R, the Wilson Combat Tactical Hunter is purpose-built for performance.

First Look: Wilson Combat Tactical Hunter AR-10

The Tactical Hunter from Wilson Combat is an AR-10 that's built for general-purpose use, whether it's hunting or personal-defense.

Wilson Combat Recon Tactical 7.62×40 WT

It seems there's a new AR for consumers to ponder almost every day. Lately, we've also seen some new cartridges introduced for the AR-15 platform.


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