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Range Review: CMMG Mk57 Banshee in 5.7x28 mm

CMMG expanded its Banshee lineup with the all-new Mk57, chambered in the unique FN 5.7x28...

6 'Absolute Truths' Preached by Gun Snobs

What are the go-to absolutes that gun snobs swear by? Here are six commonly heard...

Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Fun Products Gun Owners Will Love

For gun enthusiasts, owning guns is more than just firearms and ammo. There's an entire...

CMMG Tactical Bacon

Your argument is invalid, because tactical bacon.

CMMG's Tactical Sammich

When the apocalypse arrives, will you be stuck eating astronaut ice cream, or would you...

Les Baer Custom Tactical Recon

The Les Baer Custom Tactical Recon defines tactical by its accuracy-driven performance.