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'Guns and Self-Defense:' A Study of Real-Life Personal Protection

New for 2019, "Guns and Self-Defense" examines 23 cases where an armed citizen used their concealed-carry gun to survive a criminal attack.

Practice Priorities: Self-Defense Skills You'll Need Most

While money is certainly a consideration in your practice budget, so is your time and energy. Make sure you're dedicating your time and energy to the self-defense and concealed-carry skills you're most likely to employ.

Personal-Defense Partners: Working Together for Survival

Working with a partner can greatly increase your odds of surviving a criminal attack.

Fitness Tips for Surviving a Criminal Attack

Being prepared to defend yourself involves a lot more than proficiency with a firearm. Are you physically fit enough to survive a criminal attack? Here are some fitness tips to get you ready to fight.


Discussing defensive plans with those who might be part of them is always a good idea.


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