First Shots: 3 Ring Silencer Corp. Uzi Suppressor

Anytime you have a chance to shoot a suppressed machine gun, take it. Ed Friedman recently shot Uzi's full auto suppressed with a 3 Ring Silencer Corp. silencer.

Rifle Warning Signs: When You Need to Stop Shooting

At the range, everyone just wants to pull the trigger, but you should pay attention to the little warning signs your rifle sends when something is wrong.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Gun Plumber Handgun Tool

Fix issues quickly at the range or in the field, thanks to Birchwood Casey's compact, handy Gun Plumber handgun tool.

Review: SIG Sauer M400 Tread

The SIG Sauer M400 Tread is the company’s first sub-$1,000 rifle system and brings new meaning to the phrase, "No step on snek."

4 Handgun Malfunction Causes & Clearance Drills

Semi-automatic handguns have gotten increasingly more reliable over the years, but they're still capable of malfunctioning at the worst possible moment. Here are the must-know strategies for malfunction-clearance.

Warning Signs to Watch For in Your Rifle

You should pay attention to the little warning signs your rifle sends when something is wrong.

Pennsylvania Pastor Teaches NRA Handgun Class

A Pennsylvania pastor is working to teach his congregation and others about the basics of firearms handling and safety.

SIG Sauer P250 ASP Air Gun

SIG’s line of air guns allows you to practice at home with a doppelganger of your carry pistol.

Clearing Handgun Malfunctions

A quick, corrective response will get you back on target fast should your semi-automatic handgun fail to fire.

Clearing Handgun Malfunctions

While at the range the other day I had a pistol malfunction that would have become a disaster had it not been for an attentive range officer behind me screaming repeatedly for me to cease fire.


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