Dry-Fire Practice: Tips From an Old Hand

Growing up, Bart Skelton watched his dad, Skeeter Skelton, dry-firing guns on a regular basis to build his shooting skills. Here are a few things he's learned over the years.

Large-Bore Love Affair: Why I Enjoy Big Bullets in Little Guns

Little guns and big cartridges are a contradictory—and irresistible—combination. Here's the back story on our Handguns editor's fascination with this pairing.

Range Review: Ruger 10/22 Target Lite

The latest flavor in the Ruger 10/22 rifle lineup, the 10/22 Target Lite is loaded with many modern-day features that help rimfire fans excel at the range.

Dummy Rounds: Safe & Effective Training Tools

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot by using inert dummy rounds in your regular training routine. Here are some training tips.

5 Must-Know Drills for Your Home-Defense Shotgun

Do you count on a home-defense shotgun to protect your home and family? These five drills are essential to practice the next time you're at the range.

First Look: Lyman A-Zoom Blue Snap Cap Value Packs

Spend less and train more with the all-new Blue Snap Cap Value Packs from A-Zoom. These training rounds are designed for safe training and cost less than many other options on the market.

Dry-Fire Practice Tips for Defensive Shooters

With a safe and sensible approach, dry-fire practice can improve your technique and ensure you have the skills you need to defend yourself.

Working With Dummy Rounds

Believe it or not, you could learn a lot from a dummy…

Useful Shotgun Drills

Practice these simple drills to stay on top of your shotgunning game.

Vertx A-Range Bag

A range bag that is practically perfect in every way.

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