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The Importance of Force-on-Force Training

Knowing how to shoot well is part of the equation, as is adding in stress. Force-on-force training puts all of the components in place for a complete training exercise.

The Importance of Seeing Your Front Sights

Sheriff Jim Wilson talks about the importance of seeing your front sights in the midst of a gunfight, and how you can train accordingly.

The Importance of Assessment & Awareness in Self-Defense

Just because you find yourself in a situation where you might have to employ your self-defense gun doesn't mean things are what they seem. Sheriff Jim explains with an incident that occurred during training.

Team Tactics: Valuable for Defensive Shooters

Going beyond individual training, knowing how to effectively work in pairs and even teams can be invaluable to defensive shooters.

Force-on-Force Training

“The Force” may be with you, but in an armed encounter, what you really need is some form of prior force-on-force training.

Well, There's That!

Be sure to evaluate *all* of your options when undertaking defensive scenarios.


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