Upgrading the Glock G48 Pistol

With a little customizing, the Glock G48 becomes the ideal all-day carry pistol.

Holsters Past and Present

Appendix carry, pocket holsters, shoulder rigs, there is really nothing new under the sun.

First Look: Galco Classic Lite Holster for the SIG P365 Series Pistols

Galco is known for making some of the most comfortable, versatile and most-imitated shoulder-holster systems in the world, and its best-selling Classic Lite shoulder holster is now available for both the SIG Sauer P365 and P365XL pistols.

Fightin' Iron: The ASP Pistol

Developed under mysterious circumstances, the single-stack 9mm ASP pistol as a discreet-carry gun has a surprisingly long history.

Holsterpallooza: 30 Great EDC Holsters for Your CCW Pistol

Figuring out the best way to carry a handgun is as important as choosing the handgun itself. Here are 30 solid holster options on the market today, all designed for comfortable concealed carry.

5 Premium Shoulder Holsters for Everyday Carry

Looking for a holster that offers some versatility? Here are five great shoulder holsters you can use every day, along with some reasons why you might want one.

Review: Urban Carry G2 Holster

The G2 holster from Urban Carry offers a different take on concealed-carry setups, providing a deep-concealment option for personal defense.

Fightin' Iron: The ASP 9 mm Pistol

The single-stack 9 mm ASP pistol as a discreet-carry gun has a surprisingly long history.

Review: Walther Creed 9 mm Pistol

Walther’s new Creed punches above its weight with streamlined features and an impressive heritage.

Andrews Custom Leather Monarch Shoulder Rig

One-hundred percent custom made, and offering a multitude of practicality-based features along with unmatched comfort for concealed-carry licensees, suggests the Andrews Custom Leather Monarch Shoulder Rig may be the next stage of evolution for the shoulder holster.

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