First Look: Sentry Hexmag Carbon Fiber AR-15 Magazine

Sentry's Hexmag Carbon Fiber AR-15 magazine is incredibly lightweight and durable thanks to a patented construction.

First Look: Sentry Products Group Tuf Cloth

It takes a Tuf-Cloth to make gun care easier.

Rough-Bore Revival: Sentry Smooth-Kote Review

Recently, a Shooting Illustrated reader wrote in about how to deal with a rough bore on this pistol. We tried out some Smooth-Kote from Sentry Solutions to see how well it might deal with such a situation.

Gun Lube: How Much Is Too Much?

A book could be written about firearms lubrication with all of the facts and fiction concerning the subject. Here, we address the common question of lubing up your concealed-carry pistol.

First Look: Sentry Hexmag Glock Pistol Magazines

The Sentry Products Hexmag family expanded yet again with this all-new line designed for popular 9 mm models of Glock handguns. See the details on its durable construction here.


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