How to Remove a Bullet Stuck in a Firearm Barrel

Today, I was testing several different types of carry ammunition in my brand-new SIG Sauer P320 compact pistol for accuracy and reliability.

How To Do a Glock Trigger Job

If you’re a Glock owner, the following project will help to bide your time during quarantine with an easy and economical way to improve your pistol’s trigger pull.

Glock DIY Build: Safety Checks

Following these simple checks to confirm your Glock is safe to shoot before sending rounds downrange.

6 Upgraded Triggers for Your AR-15

Don’t let a lousy AR-15 trigger send you to your safe space. Here are six options from six different companies that are worth a look.

Basics of a 1911 Build: Tips & Tricks

The building of a 1911 pistol is chock-full of detail work essential for a satisfactory outcome. Here is an overview of what to expect, with tips that should prove helpful.

6 Hot New Guns from Taurus USA in 2018

Taurus USA entered 2018 with renewed vigor, launching a number of innovative guns with an eye toward quality, durability and reliability. Here are six new guns from the company.

How to Build a 1911 Pistol

Shooting Illustrated's own Bob Boyd embarked on a two-year journey to build his own 1911. Now that it's finished, here is the whole process from start to finish.

1911 Test Time—Safety Checks 101

Time to learn how to verify whether your pistol is safe to shoot, so throw away your bubble gum and take your seats.

Weighing the Work With the Reward

In many cases, the urge to build a firearm stems from an underlying desire to save money. However, in the case of one of the most-popular handguns in the world like the 1911, the market is saturated with a plethora of Colt clones. So how does one justify such an endeavor?


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