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Dry Practice is Critical During Ammo Shortages

With ammo shortages in full swing, it's a great time to save your ammo and attend to some dry practice drills at home. Sheriff Jim walks you through the process.

10 Great Aftermarket Upgrades for the CZ Scorpion

In just a few short years, the CZ Scorpion EVO platform has become so immensely popular that it has spawned a whole swarm of aftermarket parts and accessories.

Dry Practice Drills for Homebound Shooters

Many folks are homebound because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's still a great time to hone your defensive pistol skills.

Review: SIG Sauer P320 XFIVE Legion

The thing that makes the new SIG P320 XFIVE Legion a great racegun also makes it a fine home-defense handgun—weight.

Skills Check: Failure Drill Speed Reload

Think the Failure Drill is too easy? Here's a variant of the drill with a speed reload thrown into the mix.

Short vs. Short-Reset Triggers: What's the Difference?

SIG Sauer offers both short and short-reset triggers in its Classic Line of handguns. What's the difference between these two trigger concepts and how can you take advantage of it? Here's the answer.

Skills Check: Cleaning & Ammo Cycling Drill

How long has it been since you last cleaned and oiled your concealed-carry pistol and cycled out your carry ammo? Here's a good drill to make use of those old rounds.

DAO Self-Defense Guns: Are They Still Relevant?

While many modern defensive guns have gone for lighter, crisper trigger pulls, there are still lots of double-action-only carry guns on the market. Are they outdated?

Training & Practice: You Need Both to Build Self-Defense Skills

Think training and practicing are the same thing? Not so, says Sheriff Jim. Here's why both are critical to building gun-handling, safety and self-defense skills.

Weak-Hand Only: A Critical Shooting Skill You Need to Know

Being able to shoot weak-hand only (WHO) accurately is a critical, but often-overlooked skill you probably should practice more often.

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